Q: Your package requests that my Protein Skimmer is turned off during treatment of Red Cyano Rx. When can it be turned it back on?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before starting your protein skimmer again. When you do, keep a close eye on it, as the foam level may be very high.

Q: How do I know exactly how much product I am supposed to add to my aquarium?

A: In most cases, we ask you to calculate your “true water volume”. That number is figured out by adding your aquarium size, plus any sump volume you may have. In most cases, displacement for rock is about 15%.

Q: Where can I (a hobbyist) buy your products?

A: Our products are readily available at many Local Fish Stores, or at some of the Nation’s largest On-Line Retailers.

Q: Where can my Store buy your products?

A: Check out our “Distributors” tabQ above. Our products are distributed by some of the Nation’s largest Wholesalers. If there is NOT a regional distributor in your area, we are happy to ship directly to stores. Please email ariel@bluelifeusa.com

Q: How many Aiptasia can I treat at once with Aiptasia Rx?

A: We recommend treating no more than 30 Aiptasia in a 24 hour period. This will allow your aquarium to filter out any potential discharge from the treated Aiptasia.

Q: My bottle of Aiptasia Rx has been sitting for a while. Is it still good?

A: Yes. Our product is very “Thick”. Just make sure to vigorously shake the bottle before using.

Q: While using Aiptasia Rx, do I need to shut off my filtration equipment?

A: No. While you do NOT need to turn off your filtration, we do recommend that you minimize the water current in the tank while applying Aiptasia Rx. In most cases, just turning off any power heads or extra water flow devises is sufficient.

Q: How do I keep phosphates from building in my aquarium?

A: Phosphate often builds naturally, or is introduced during water changes. We recommend that you regularly check your phosphate level in order to maintain levels below .03ppm.

Q: Your instructions say not to lower my phosphates by more than .5ppm per 24 hours. Why?

A: As with any change in chemistry of your aquarium water, we always recommend small changes as to not cause harm to the animals.

Q: What can I do to keep the Red Cyano from returning after treatment?

A: In many cases, the appearance of Red Cyano is due to a change in filtration, lighting or water chemistry. We recommend changing light bulbs every 9 months, and ensuring that your protein skimmer is operating properly.

Q: Why should I dose Red Cyano Rx in the morning, instead of at night?

A: pH normally drops at night, and Red Cyano Rx is most effective when pH levels are above 8.0 in your aquarium

Q: Can I touch a Metal Halide Bulb?

A: We recommend that you do NOT directly touch a Metal Halide bulb, as oils from your hand can act as a prism, and may affect the color spectrum of the bulb.

Q: How often should I change my light bulbs?

A: While our lamps will run for a very long time, in order to ensure maximum color spectrum, we recommend changing your lamps every 10-12 months.



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