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– Eric Cohen – CEO, Blue Life USA

Clear Fx Reef

All-in-one filter bag Removes Algae Feeding Organics Polishes Water Crystal Clear Easy to Use Reef Specific Formula Increases Oxygen Levels Filter Media in a Bag Will Not Lower Needed Phosphates Crystal clear water Removes organics but not trace elements Raises redox...

Hmahli Elite and Lite Sumps Have Landed!

Hmahli Marine Life Support Systems based out of NSW Austraila has entered the manufacturing side of the aquarium hobby with gusto, first by launching a media reactor co-designed by Eric Cohen of BlueLife USA and Erik Jurock of Hmahli MLS; specifically designed for the...

Dosing with Coral Essentials

Video courtesy Jimmy Pop Colson. The 4 Most Common Aquarium Systems and how to dose each using the Coral Essentials Range. Blue Life USA is happy to be the sole distributorship of the complete line of Coral Essentials Products. Purchase yours here We recommend...

Getting Started with Coral Essentials

Video courtesy Jimmy Pop Colson. One of the most common asked about Coral Essentials is, "How do I start out using the Coral Essentials supplements range?". Coral Essentials is broken up into various components that you can start using right away. Blue Life USA is...

Blue Fx Media Bags 2 4 & 6 Packs

Same Material as Our FX Resin Bags Durable, Double Stitched, Made to Last Use with any bulk media. Available in 2 Packs, 4 Packs, & 6 Packs Blue Life USA media bags with included zip ties are made with the sale durable nylon material we use in our Fx Regenerable...

Reef Rx

Anti-Bacterial Treatment for CoralsIdeal for Freshly Cut Coral FragsSafe for All Coral TypesReef Safe Will Not Harm Denitrifying Bacterias   Reef Rx is used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial diseases that can be associated with fresh cut or injured corals....


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Introducing Clear Fx Reef!
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