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Hmahli Australia Resin/Media Reactor

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Resin/Media Reactors Engineered to Work with Blue Life USA’s Range of Resins

These high quality reactors were designed with Blue Life USA to maximize the performance and efficiency of all our Blue Fx Regenerable Resins. The Hmahi Reactors are 100% Australian Made and powered by a Sicce Circulation Pump. One of the most unique features of this reactor is it’s designed to allow you to recharge your Blue Fx Resin in the reactor. All metal components are marine grade stainless steel and tubing connects with easy to attach John Guest fittings. These reactors were designed to be completely plug and play, with almost no box to setup time. All the necessary fittings and accessories are included with each reactor making this a complete all in one reactor package.


Size: . 75 mm diameter x 300 mm high
Inputs:  . ¼ John Guest push fitting
Output: . ¼ John Guest push fitting

. quick release hose fitting
. valve to adjust water flow into the reactor
. supplied with a mounting bracket so reactor can wall mounted
. 316 marine grade stainless steel screws

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