Founding Partner of Sea Dwelling Creatures Makes a Move to Blue Life USA


Eric Cohen and family.

Eric Cohen, who helped to found Sea Dwelling Creatures, a Los Angeles-area aquarium livestock wholesaler, 22 years ago and served as the company’s sales manager for all those years, is moving to Blue Life USA, a distributor of aquarium products based in Los Angeles.

“I want to open up distribution and make the products more accessible to hobbyists around the country,” was Cohen’s response when asked what his main goal for Blue Life is.

Cohen knows the pet industry inside and out, and he brings a wealth of sales knowledge and management experience with him to Blue Life.

Cohen also did a two-year-plus stint as a technical advisor for Animal Planet’s “Tanked,” a reality show that follows the personnel of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing as they install oversized, creatively themed aquariums in homes and businesses; Cohen has made frequent guest appearances on the show.

Cohen’s new email address is

Blue Life USA sells Clear Fx Pro, a filtration media; Phos Fx, a phosphate remover; Safety Shop, a rapid fish quarantine treatment; Blue Vet Rx, a line of in-tank treatments for everything from ich to aiptasia; aquarium lighting; and accessories, including filtered seawater, bulkhead fittings, aquarium backgrounds, water containers and filter socks.  Adding to this lineup will be Live Rock from Fiji with an option for curing 30 up to 30 days upon request, and a full line of Plumbing supplies.  Eric plans to expand the product line to add more excitement to the product line.  Fun times ahead:)




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