Coral Essentials understanding ICP test results.

Magnesium (Mg) Coming Soon to the Blue Life USA Store Too high- You are likely overdosing on your magnesium supplement but if you have excess levels of trace elements that can upset coral calcification and therefore decrease the uptake of the base 3 elements (calcium,...

Dosing with Coral Essentials

Video courtesy Jimmy Pop Colson. The 4 Most Common Aquarium Systems and how to dose each using the Coral Essentials Range. Download Coral Essentials Dosing Guide Blue Life USA is happy to be the sole distributorship of the complete line of Coral Essentials Products....

Getting Started with Coral Essentials

Video courtesy Jimmy Pop Colson. One of the most common asked about Coral Essentials is, “How do I start out using the Coral Essentials supplements range?”. Coral Essentials is broken up into various components that you can start using right away. Download...

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